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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


As my favourite lecturer Wan's famous quote, "Every things in life is the output of a production process; irrespective you know or naive about it, like or hate it, design & engineer the process or let-it-be. The elements of Intention (niat), Action (Laku), Output (hasil) are always inside this production process and if you could carefully put these elements together as a designed process; then you could at least have some sense of control over the outcome. Perhaps you would have more time to accept the saddest outcome if it deem to be failed. Likewise you would have longer period of joyfulness if it is deem to be successful!"

Similarly I have seen the elements of Beginning, Undergoing & Ending inside every event in life. Like it or not, these three stages are there. It may start with some kind of upset at the beginning yet it may not be a total tragedy. It may rise in joys yet it might end up in tears. Of all the three stages, I value the Undergoing stage most. This is the stage where one could learn most, gains a lot of strengths and build up muscles to face more challenges. I have never worried about a sad beginning because I posses the over-turning charm. I seldom feel sorry for a sad ending because I am always ever-ready to start something new thus never really have the time to moan for my failure. Life is like Robbin William ways of saying, "The best act? I never have it yet, my next play would definitely be better!"

This blog records the genesis of my architecture journey after possessing my professional qualification. It marked the phase of life that I am experiencing a sudden surge of opportunities; it opened up the business era of a young architect; it signaled a mindset change where I have started to let go the copyright of my own creations and share them with the world. This is my departure point into Open-Source Architecture concept where anyone can enjoy the quality output of my design. I start to tag on my service which is similar to any other patented product. You could enjoy a knockdown Nike Shoes from China for half the price but you definitely need to pay more for a genuine Nike Shoes. The China Nike would serve the same purpose of the later while the later posses the value of becoming a collector item. Thus you could enjoy gcatelier's design freely by waiving all liabilities that I need to bear and you take up a major portions of responsibilities & troubles to make things work or you could pay a little bit more for me to work things out for you while you are sitting inside the Starbuck; relaxing and sipping a cup of Frappercino while enjoying the latest volume of Wallpaper. Either way would work. It is a fairer deal for both you and me.

That is all for the beginning!