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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Good or bad service from a beautiful hooker

According to The Ten days MBA, service is an intangible product that can never be stored or recycled. It is consumed as soon as it is created. Therefore it is rather subjective to rate the quality of a service delivered!

A good or bad service is depend to perception of both the delivering and the receiving parties at certain time frame. An architect who gives an excellent service to a client at one point might never able to deliver the same qualities of services in future project when his priority has shifted. The principle and architects within a same firm would deliver a different level of service. Although client is always in search for the best service available but paradoxically he would never get it. It is just like to in a night club when a lot of beautiful faces are lining up in front of you; I bet you will never know who would give you the best satisfaction.

So all architect firms are dressing up with beautiful and seemingly solid portfolio; all the principles are all wearing flamboyant suits and speaking artyfarty to lure the client to commit a million dollar deal but it is always a lose-lose game. Those firms who win will continue winning and get a lot of deals until they have no time to deliver each deal properly. So you can never get a good deal by gauging from fore-front cover of a portfolio.

Just like dealing with the hooker, you can’t judge the book by the cover. It is not necessary the bad looking or the best looking girl would be suitable to you. It is highly relying on the chemistry of both people. Until you really open it up; you can’t be sure she is the one. Until you are penetrating; you can’t be sure it is ergonomically fit for each other. A good deal is normally happened when the architect like you and you like the architect.

As a matter of fact, the architect might be the only artists that selling service rather that product. Tom Hanks would act a play then sell the play. He would never flaunt around and tell you to pay him first for a good play! Likewise Picasso sell painting but never get pay for providing painting service. He does collect money and paints portrait for rich women but they buy his painting not the service. Can’t we change for better?

Can we put our bungalow plans like cabbage, potato & tomato on the shelves for selections? So the client are buying something-pretty-sure because it is fully developed. There are no ambiguities in the whole deal.

This is why I wish to command a change. I never enjoy the feeling like a beautiful face hooker sitting on the bench and using my eye motion to deliberately hint to the men; come, get me, I’m the best!

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